Attend ARCHITECT@WORK and collect professional credits!

11 October 2021

On Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th, we will be all set and ready to welcome you again after one year of absence.

Join us either live at Mico – Milano Congressi or online on our brand new portal: A@W Digital Milan.

By attending our seminars you can claim 2 professional credits per session. For further info please contact

Members of the Ordine degli Architetti di Milano can also get and one professional credit for attending our live event. For further info click here.

Furthermore you will be able to watch all seminars on demand up until one week after the event (in this case no professional credits will be obtained).

Register now!

We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Team Italy

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ARCHITECT@WORK is by far the best way for the community of architects and interior designers to find out who recently launched a new product for the architecture and design market.

5 October 2021

What is A@W?
A unique way to discover a wide range of product innovations presented by a selection of high-end manufacturer and distributors!

What does it stand for?
We offer architects and interior designers a unique networking platform and have been successfully organizing our event throughout Europe, Canada and Turkey over the past 17 years.
We match the architect’s needs with by combining innovation with inspiration and latest in the industry.

Why is A@W so unique?
All innovations presented during the event have first been thoroughly assessed by a judging panel, consisting of a team of architects and interior designers that aim for nothing but the best. Our commitment towards visitors is to assure that they get the most out of attending ARCHITECT@WORK. This strict selection procedure, combined with a unique and lounge-like atmosphere and networking opportunities are the recipe for an afternoon well spent.

How to contact A@W?
Interested in finding out more about how to pay us a visit on 30th or 31st of March or keen on exhibiting during ARCHITECT@WORK Warsaw 2022?
Then you should definitely get in touch with our team at

Become part this brand new leg of the A@W Experience!

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Let’s meet again

7 June 2021

The fair industry is gradually opening up all over Europe. Many countries have meanwhile decided that fairs can take place again soon or even from now onwards.

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Let’s meet again

28 May 2021

Did you hear the good news? From 15 June trade fairs can re-start in Italy!

It’s time to focus again on establishing that precious face-to-face contact everyone has been longing for.

On Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 November 2021, MiCo-Milano Congressi will open its doors again for the 7th edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Milan.

“Oxygen” is the theme of our live lectures, our materials exhibition and our photo galleries. Many exhibitors already confirmed their presence – now it’s you we are waiting for!

We are looking forward to inspiring you again, and to discovering together hundreds of innovative products.

Want to find out more about the programme? Click here.

Interested in joining us as an exhibitor? Get in touch via e-mail:

Be part of this unique experience!

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Let’s meet again

26 May 2021

The event industry in Norway is ready to restart. 21st of May it was decided that trade shows and fairs in Norway will be part of the trade protocol. This means we can meet again during ARCHITECT@WORK Oslo which takes place 29th & 30th September 2021 at Norges Varemesse.

We are currently finetuning the programme and are looking forward inspiring you again with lectures, a material exhibition and countless product innovations.

Want to find out more about the programme? Click here.

Interested in joining us as an exhibitor? Get in touch by sending an e-mail to

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Green light for ARCHITECT@WORK Kortrijk on 21 and 22 October, 2021

19 May 2021

Looking forward to face-to-face contact during a live edition of ARCHITECT@WORK

On May the 11th the Belgian Security Council confirmed what many were eagerly waiting for: the official permission to reorganise trade shows as from the 30th of July is a fact. This means that we can officially confirm that the 10th edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Kortrijk will take place on the 21st and 22nd October, 2021.

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13 April 2021

The next edition of ARCHITECT@WORK LYON -which was scheduled for June 3 & 4, 2021- will be held at the Halle Tony Garnier on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 May 2022.

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A@W Warsaw – New Dates

29 March 2021

Given the current restrictions and most recent, we have decided to postpone the very first edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Warsaw to 30th & 31st of March 2022.


A decision in the best interest of our brand new project and for the benefit of everyone involved: exhibitors, visitors, event partners, …


We regret not being able to meet you all in person sooner, but are convinced that this decision will allow us to welcome you in the best possible conditions.


Thank you for your understanding.


If you have any practical enquiries, if you are interested in exhibiting at ARCHITECT@WORK Warsaw 2022 or if you are keen on booking an article in one of our monthly newsletters, please do let us now!


You can contact us on:


We wish you all the best.
Keep safe,
Your A@W team

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Discover the brand-new A@W Newsletters

11 March 2021

The popular and extremely successful ARCHITECT@WORK trade show format, which is already represented in 15 different countries at 30 locations continues to grow. In the future it will also inform architects, planners, professionals and design enthusiasts about interesting new products, high-profile awards, technical innovations, expert opinions and trends in architecture outside of, and between the individual A@W events. Architectural critics, for example, will have their say in various forms and formats. You can gain insights into the making of a product or find out more about the highlights of ARCHITECT@WORK – a colourful potpourri source of inspiration, food for thought and guidebook. Lively picture galleries will accompany the stories and let you, dear reader, immerse yourself in the world of good design.

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A@W Oslo switches date and location

22 February 2021

Taking the current restrictions and circumstances into consideration, we have decided to postpone ARCHITECT@WORK Oslo to 29-30 September 2021. Moreover, we decided to move to Norges Varemesse. We are convinced that all parties involved will benefit from these decisions.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you should have any practical enquiries meanwhile, please reach out to us.

We wish you all the best.
Keep safe,
Your A@W team

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Join us for A@W Digital Summit 2021: April 28 & 29

24 March 2021

This year, to ensure safety in light of the ongoing pandemic, we will not be hosting a physical event. Instead, we are moving our programming into the virtual realm.

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A@W London 2022 has been launched

16 February 2021

With our A@W London 2021 Digital Summit behind us, it is time to start focusing again on establishing that precious face-to-face contact everyone in the industry has been longing for. 

On Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 January 2022, the Old Truman Brewery is set to open its doors again for the 10th edition of ARCHITECT@WORK London.

Focus during the event and our live panel discussions will be 'Air & Architecture' - the most precious of all elements, and the most important one in the post-pandemic society we are slowly but steadily entering.

Showcase your latest product innovations during ARCHITECT@WORK London 2022 and be part of our unique experience. 

Contact our team for more information or for media & speaker opportunities. 

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A@W London Digital Summit

15 December 2020

ARCHITECT@WORK has always represented the most cutting-edge innovations in architecture, products and materials. For this reason, we too are adapting to the current conditions around live events and are moving our physical show into a digital summit format. We fully intend to return to the exhibition space in 2022 but for the time being we have gathered some of the brightest minds from the design community to discuss the burning issues of the day, concerned with how we can best create a built environment that cares for our health and wellbeing. We look forward to seeing you in a digital space for the time being.

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ARCHITECT@WORK Wiesbaden / Stuttgart will take place digitally !

16 November 2020

Following up on the new sanitary measures decided by the German government, ARCHITECT@WORK Wiesbaden and Stuttgart cannot be held live. We deeply regret this, especially since all measures had been taken to ensure you an interesting visit in a safe and healthy environment.

ARCHITECT@WORK is a unique event that stands out for its special atmosphere, the presentation of many new products and the making of valuable face-to-face contacts. The experience of a visit to ARCHITECT@WORK is hard to replace by a digital alternative. However, in the past few weeks we worked very hard to get close to it. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the launch of an ARCHITECT@WORK DIGITAL event to be held from November 25th until December 3rd!

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ARCHITECT@WORK Nantes transforms into a full digital format !

10 November 2020

Our Digital event for Fall 2020: A@W DIGITAL Nantes: 19 - 27 november 2020

Following up on the latest restrictions imposed by the French government, we will not be allowed to host ARCHITECT@WORK Nantes in its regular, ‘live’ version at Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire. New restrictions which of course make sense right now, but which we also regret because all proper measures had been taken to ensure you an interesting visit in a perfectly safe environment.

ARCHITECT@WORK is a unique event which stands out because of its unique atmosphere, the way carefully curated product innovations are showcased and of course the fact that it enables valuable face-to-face contact. We know that the experience of attending ARCHITECT@WORK cannot be replaced by any digital alternative. However, given the current circumstances, we are very pleased to announce the launch of ARCHITECT@WORK DIGITAL. Our new online event which will  be held on 19th & 20th  November.

Register in advance and you will receive your A@W DIGITAL login on Monday 16th November. Discover product innovations showcased by a selection of leading manufacturers, get in touch with the exhibitors, book appointments and follow all speaker sessions online!

Care to attend? Contact our team at

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ARCHITECT@WORK BRUSSELS 2020 postponed to 2021

27 October 2020

With a top program of speakers, a nice offer of exhibitors and a healthy interest from the prescriber, we were completely ready and enthusiastic to make the 1st edition of A@W Brussels a success.

In practical terms, ARCHITECT@WORK can be fully set up in a corona-proof environment, with respect for the safety of exhibitors and visitors. The A@W editions that already took place successfully in September and October have proven this as well.

But on Friday 23 October, new measures were issued by the government that focus entirely on limiting contacts, focusing on homeworking and calling for only essential travel.

In this context, we decided to postpone A@W to a date to be determined in 2021.

Keep safe.



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ARCHITECT@WORK London postponed to January 2022

27 October 2020

Following up on the recent developments in the UK and the latest Government decree, stating that trade show cannot take place until the end of March 2021, it has been decided to postpone ARCHITECT@WORK London to January 2022.

A painful decision, but we would like to reassure all exhibitors and visitors that this is merely a ‘see you again soon’.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you should have any practical enquiries meanwhile, please reach out to us.

We wish you all the best.

Keep safe,

Your A@W Team

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ARCHITECT@WORK Milan 2020 postponed to 3 & 4 November 2021

26 October 2020

Following up on the recent developments in Italy and the latest Government decree, which among other items states that trade fairs are no longer allowed to take place, it has been decided to postpone ARCHITECT@WORK Milan to 3 & 4 November 2021. A painful decision, but we would like to reassure all exhibitors and visitors that this is merely an Arrivederci.

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ARCHITECT@WORK – 9th & 10th September // FORUM Copenhagen

7 September 2020

In reaction to the latest press conference held by the Minister of Health, Magnus Heunicke, ARCHITECT@WORK is hereby confirming that by Danish law, as a trade show, it falls under the same set of rules and regulations which applies for shopping malls.

At FORUM Copenhagen, a maximum, simultaneous capacity of 1.026 attendees is allowed. Official numbers based on the number of square meters the venue holds.

We are ready to welcome you all in the safest possible setting, with extra preventive measures such as a wider – yet familiar – set-up, designated free catering areas respecting all current new measures, disinfectant hand gel stations throughout the event, …

Discover the innovations which our exhibitors will be showcasing and the full set of trending seminars which will be held live at ARCHITECT@WORK.

We are ready for you and are looking forward to welcoming you soon!

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ARCHITECT@WORK Copenhagen is ready to welcome all visitors and exhibitors in a safe and adjusted setting on 9th and 10th of September!

14 August 2020

Discovering product innovations showcased by renowned manufacturers, in a relaxed and lounge-like atmosphere, combined with valuable content sessions to inspire you. That is what ARCHITECT@WORK has always been about.

Even in these challenging times, the biggest value still lies in solid face-to-face contact. Especially upon discovering product innovations, a process in which the senses play the most important role.

Get access to inspiring talks by Enlai Hooi – Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Katrine Hauge Smith – Teknologisk Institut, Martha Lewis – Henning Larsen, Ditte Lysgaard Vind – Lendager Group, Nikoline Dyrup – Spacon & X, Kristoffer Tejlgaard – Atelier Kristoffer Tejlgaard, Julien De Smedt – JDS Architects,…

Stroll through the materials curation WASTELAND presented by Lendager Group. A unique view on sustainable development in the construction industry which shows how this industry can contribute to achieving the climate goal of reducing C02 emission, while also creating more jobs through sustainable urban development. It also shows how waste, through recycling can add value to its original form.

All this brought in the familiar A@W concept, while of course implementing all necessary health and safety guidelines:

- a wider set-up – allowing social distancing
- extra-large aisles
- pre-registration only
- extra and extensive cleaning
- food and drinks served by trained staff + take away outlets
- hand washing + disinfecting available
- indicated walkways
- separate entrance and exit
- …

Come join us on 9th and 10th September at FORUM Copenhagen for ARCHITECT@WORK Denmark!

Click here to register for a free entrance.

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ARCHITECT@WORK introduces next level lead generation by adding a brand new hybrid dimension to all events!

11 June 2020

Face to face contact has always proven to boost the success of your relationships, whether they are personal or business related. It is the type of contact which enables us to pick up on body language, it satisfies our basic need for human interaction, encourages transparency and is the best basis for a solid, long-term business relationship.

This is the reason why we are convinced that now, more than ever, is the time to invest in face to face business opportunities such as ARCHITECT@WORK. Our flexible and cost-effective concept enables you to showcase your latest innovations, on various locations throughout Europe and beyond, to a community of architects and interior designers.

All of which will be brought in the same convivial and familiar atmosphere, but above all in a safe environment, respecting all preventive measures. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us!

Over the last couple of years however, we have also been working towards finding a good balance between solid, innovative on-site content and strong additional digital elements.

Recent developments accelerated our research and ARCHITECT@WORK is proud to announce that next level lead generation will be introduced from September 2020 onwards, as part of our strategic plan to add a hybrid dimension to all our events!

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13 May 2020

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has all of a sudden taken hold of all our lives, whether that be from a professional or private point of view with the extreme, yet necessary (confinement) measures that have been taken throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The good news is that these measures have proven to be successful – the curve has flattened or is flattening – and multiple, phased exit scenarios are under construction in the different countries that we are active in.

We are positive and confident that our unique concept will once more prove its value: every single ARCHITECT@WORK is hosted nationally/regionally, right at the beating heart of a strong community of architects and interior designers.

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The 2020 edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Rome has been cancelled. ARCHITECT@WORK Milan remains confirmed for 4th and 5th November 2020 at MiCo-Milano Congressi.

27 April 2020

After careful evaluation and with great regret, we inform you that the fourth edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Rome, scheduled for 25-26 November 2020 has been cancelled. A painful decision, but one taken in the best interest of our Italian projects: with the current situation in Europe and world-wide we believe that organizing two events in Italy next Autumn is not feasible.

The appointment with ARCHITECT@WORK Milan remains confirmed for 4th and 5th November at MiCo-Milano Congressi.

We would like to reassure all exhibitors and visitors that this is merely an Arrivederci. ARCHITECT@WORK Rome will be back in Autumn 2022.

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ARCHITECT@WORK Brussels: 9 & 10 December

22 April 2020

It is with regret, but after thoughtful consideration, that we inform you that we have taken the decision to postpone the organization of ARCHITECT@WORK Brussels a second time around.

The situation that led to the original change of date from May to August, announced on March 26th, has since the announcement of the National Security Council yesterday fundamentally changed. ARCHITECT@WORK Brussels will be re-scheduled at a later date in the best interest of the exhibition and the wellbeing of both our exhibitors and visitors.

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Update regarding COVID-19 - Friday 3.04.2020 8:15

3 April 2020



After very long and thoughtful consideration, we inform you that we have taken the decision to postpone ARCHITECT@WORK Oslo a second time around.


The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and the unknown duration for social distancing and other measures imposed on us all, entail that this year’s edition will be re-scheduled to 2021 in the best interest of the exhibition and the wellbeing of both our exhibitors and visitors.

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A@W LUXEMBOURG 2020: Postponement

27 March 2020

COVID-19 has taken grip of all of our lives, whether that be from a private or professional point of view and it goes without saying that your health is a priority to our organization.

We expect that the measures taken by the government will not be suspended in one go but gradually and that bringing together thousands of exhibitors and visitors in the coming months will not be justified. As a result, we have decided to postpone ARCHITECT@WORK LUXEMBOURG, initially planned in April.

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We are all in this together!

24 March 2020

COVID-19 has taken grip of all of our lives, whether that be from a private or professional point of view and it goes without saying that your health is a priority to our organization.

That is why our team is currently focusing on re-scheduling all Spring editions (Oslo, Luxembourg, Toronto, Brussels, Lyon, Barcelona and Madrid) of ARCHITECT@WORK to a later point in time, Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 to be exact. 

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Update regarding COVID-19 - Friday 13.03.2020

13 March 2020

After thorough consultation and evaluation, the organizers of A@W Luxembourg have decided to postpone the next edition, initially planned on 22 & 23 April because of the current situation regarding the coronavirus (Covid 19).

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Update regarding COVID-19

13 March 2020

The national guidelines and instructions regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vary from country to country.

We are following the current situation daily for each country where ARCHITECT@WORK is taking place.

The following editions have been postponed to a later date:

  • ARCHITECT@WORK Luxembourg

New dates will be communicated soon. Please consult the website of each specific edition.

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Update regarding COVID-19

12 March 2020

The national guidelines and instructions regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vary from country to country.

We are following the current situation daily for each country where ARCHITECT@WORK is taking place.

Please consult the website of the edition for more information: click here.

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2 March 2020

We are following developments related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) closely and will take the necessary health precautions. We will be happy to welcome you to our events.

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26 February 2020

ARCHITECT@WORK, the annual curated two-day event, had its eighth showing at the Old Truman Brewery on 29th and 30th January. The show attracted a total of 1,968 architects, specifiers and designers attending.

72 leading European architectural suppliers showed their innovative new products and offered up the latest innovations in surface solutions, lighting technology as well as interior and exterior fixtures and fittings. All exhibitors went through a rigorous selection process, with an external judging panel overseeing the product selection, to ensure that this is one of the UK’s most highly respected trade shows of its kind.

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ARCHITECT@WORK London announces final speaker!

17 January 2020

We're very pleased to welcome 6a architects Co-Founder and Director, Tom Emerson on 30th January at ARCHITECT@WORK London. Tom will be joined by landscape designer, horticulturalist, writer and gardener, Dan Pearson to discuss the interactions between architecture and landscape. Dan Pearson Studio and 6a have worked together on a number of projects and they will explore their collaborative process, looking at complementary and overlapping design approach.

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Date for A@W Berlin is known!

19 November 2019

Applications for Wiesbaden and Stuttgart 2020 were already opened in October, but now we also have scheduled the exact date for Berlin! The Berlin edition will take place on 7 and 8 October 2020 in Station Berlin.

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1st edition ARCHITECT@WORK in the capital of Europe

10 July 2019

ARCHITECT@WORK is organized in 15 countries and 30 cities. Given our international growth, the next logical step is to put the European capital on our A@W map. ARCHITECT@WORK will be present at the Tour & Taxis venue every second year starting from 2020.


Picture: © Tour & Taxis

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3rd edition of A@W Luxembourg recognized for its quality

5 June 2019

For the 3rd time, Luxexpo The Box hosted the professional event ARCHITECT@WORK on 25 and 26 April 2018.
The event opened its doors to architects, consulting engineers, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects/engineers and other prescribers to enable them to discover the innovations of 154 construction manufacturers.

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Thank-you Exhibitors & Visitors

9 April 2019

Thank you to our Exhibitors and Visitors for making ARCHITECT@WORK Canada 2019 a success again! It is with a lot of pride we can communicate over 25% rise in footfall for our third edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Canada.

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Thank-you to our sponsors

25 March 2019

ARCHITECT@WORK would like to thank our generous event sponsors Kinestral, Renson and Edison Lighting for their support and ongoing  commitment!  We are also pleased to recognize Sistemalux, sponsor of this year’s AZURE TALK Keynote Speaker!

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ARCHITECT@WORK presents one of the best material exhibits: 'How It’s Made’

18 March 2019

How It's Made (HIM), considered one of the best material exhibits in Canada, will reveal the materials, products and technological innovations behind today’s most imaginative architecture projects in a unique and tangible way.

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SEMINAR SCHEDULE is now available!

11 March 2019

We are excited to announce that the ARCHITECT@WORK Toronto Seminar Schedule is now live on our website. This year’s line-up is diverse with a wide range of accredited seminars hosted by our partnered industry associations.  The 8 seminars, which will run over two days, are free to attend with registration to ARCHITECT@WORK.

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AZURE Talks: Eric Bunge of nArchitects is this year’s Keynote at Architect@Work in Toronto!

4 March 2019

 AZURE Talks: Eric Bunge of nArchitects, the acclaimed U.S. firm behind such projects as the recently completed New York State Equal Rights Heritage Center in the Finger Lakes town of Auburn, will deliver a keynote address at ARCHITEC@WORK Toronto. Presented by AZURE Magazine, his keynote is titled “Buildings and Almost Buildings.”





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Partnership with esteemed Associations

15 February 2019

ARCHITECT@WORK Toronto is pleased to announce its partnerships for the 2019 edition with the following esteemed associations: OAA, ARIDO, RAIC,TSA and  CSC.

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The 2019 AZ Awards is Now Open for Submissions

24 January 2019

The AZ Awards is AZURE’s international architecture and design competition, recognizing excellence and innovation, and showcasing the world’s best projects, products and ideas.

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24 January 2019

Canada’s premier Architectural Show brings you face to face with key decision makers. Showcase your product innovation and be recognized as a leader in your category. For exhibitor details contact us.

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Third edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Rome

18 September 2018

ARCHITECT@WORK, the event designed to bring together companies and designers in a professional and informal environment, returns to Rome on 17 and 18 October 2018.

Innovative products that have been carefully selected by a technical committee will be showcased in a gallery of stands designed by the Belgian creative agency C-4/Creative Fo(u)r, as veritable containers of innovation, quality and expressive and communicative potential.

The layout of the exhibition has been perfectly planned for visitors, and is enriched by the visual experience of the photographic projects presented by the Dutch collective DAPh and wall creato by

The exhibition is abundant, varied and easy to view. It can be visited while paying the right amount of attention and having any necessary breaks. Breaks can be spent in the lounge areas or free catering area, and purchases can be made at the Temporary Bookstore, the pop-up bookshop dedicated to fans of architecture, design and photography, a store than can meet the needs of even the most demanding collectors.

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Life is short, work somewhere awesome!

23 August 2018

Are you an enthusiastic team player who's passionate about sales and fluent in German? Interested in working in the exhibitions and events industry?

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Summer holidays

11 July 2018

The sun is shining and the summer holidays are just around the corner.

Time to take a short break.

We’ll be charging our batteries from July 23 until August 3.

As of August 6 we’ll be back in business!

The entire A@W-team wishes you a great, relaxing and inspiring summertime!

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Ready for more?

25 May 2018

After 3 successful editions of ARCHITECT@WORK Copenhagen and a great first edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Stockholm, we are now proud to let you know that ARCHITECT@WORK Oslo has been launched. In 2019 you will be able to participate both in Norway and in Sweden to get in touch with the local architects.

ARCHITECT@WORK Stockholm will take place on the 3rd and 4th April in Stockholmsmässan, ARCHITECT@WORK Oslo on the 22nd and 23rd May in X Meeting Point Oslo. We look forward welcoming you there as an exhibitor!

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ARCHITECT@WORK Madrid will have its first edition!

3 May 2018

ARCHITECT@WORK Madrid, the carefully curated two-day trade show aimed at architects, interior designers and specifiers, will have its first edition on the 9th and 10th of May at IFEMA, hall 12. Over 160 leading national and international architectural suppliers will showcase their latest innovations in surface solutions, lighting technology as well as interior and exterior fixtures and fittings. All exhibitors go through a rigorous selection process, with an external judging panel overseeing the product selection, to ensure that this is Spain’s most highly respected trade shows of its kind.

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Spain is ready for more!

26 April 2018

After two successful events of ARCHITECT@WORK in Barcelona and this year’s new edition in Madrid on the 9th and 10th of May  2018 (IFEMA). We have big plans for 2019 and hopefully so do you!
Next year, besides Barcelona (13–14 March) and Madrid (29-30 May), we’ll be introducing a third city in Spain where ARCHITECT@WORK will take place. We proudly announce the first edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Bilbao on the 20th and 21st of February 2019 at BEC! Exhibitor applications are open on 26th of April 2018 for these three Spanish editions.

We look forward welcoming you as an exhibitor at ARCHITECT@WORK Spain!

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A@W launches a new German edition in Wiesbaden, 2018

11 December 2017

The resounding successes of the previous events and our exhibitors’ keen interest in repeating the exercise in other parts of Germany have prompted us to organize another edition of ARCHITECT@WORK in the Spring of 2018, this time in Wiesbaden. We look very much forward to introducing this unique event in another dynamic region of Germany! The premiere will take place on 29-30 May 2018 in the brand-new RheinMain CongressCenter. Exhibitor applications are open as of Thursday 14 December.

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ARCHITECT@WORK announces lighting as theme for January 2018 London edition

5 September 2017

The sixth edition of ARCHITECT@WORK London, the two-day worldwide trade fair aimed at architects, designers and specifiers in January 2018 will focus on lighting as its theme for its popular seminar programme.

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A@W's North American debut in Toronto attracts over 1,300 trade professionals

15 June 2017

Over 1,300 of Toronto’s established and emerging trade professionals attended the first North American edition of the highly-successful global innovation and design event, ARCHITECT@WORK, representing the best in architectural design and innovation.

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A@W selects Toronto, Canada for its North American debut

13 April 2017

Recently ranked as one of the top 10 most innovative cities in the world, Toronto is becoming an international leader in the innovation market. Recognizing its potential, the highly-successful global innovation event ARCHITECT@WORK, has selected Toronto for its North American debut.

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A@W Barcelona and Stockholm: our 2017 spring premières!

30 March 2017

This spring, two new editions of ARCHITECT@WORK have been launched: in Barcelona and Stockholm. ARCHITECT@WORK Barcelona is on March 29th and 30th and ARCHITECT@WORK Stockholm on April 5th and 6th.

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Follow ARCHITECT@WORK on Instagram!

10 January 2017

Curious to find out what our teams are doing on a daily basis? Interested in knowing what the atmosphere is like during one of our editions? Enthusiastic about posting ARCHITECT@WORK content yourself?

Follow our Instagram account and have a peek in our world.


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The second edition of A@W Vienna will be centered around the theme 'glass'

17 August 2016

The successful event designed exclusively for architects, interior architects, engineering offices and other planners will be held this year again in Austria.

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ARCHITECT@WORK breaks through in Copenhagen

2 June 2016

123 companies from across Europe made a great effort to showcase their innovations at Forum Copenhagen last week during the second Danish edition of the event. We will be back in Copenhagen in the spring of 2018, but if you are keen on following us on our Scandinavian adventure in 2017 you can pay us a visit during our first ever Swedish edition which will be held on 5th and 6th of April in Stockholm.

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ARCHITECT@WORK conquers Scandinavia!

19 May 2016

After Turkey and Spain, Sweden is the next new country on ARCHITECT@WORK’s path.

A brand new edition in Stockholm will be held on 5 and 6 April 2017 in Stockholmsmässan, each day from 11:00 until 18:00.

We are convinced that Swedish specifiers will also appreciate the advantages of our exclusive event.


Be part of ARCHITECT@WORK Stockholm and contact us now for the floor plan and the application form:


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ARCHITECT@WORK goes overseas: the concept conquers Canada

4 May 2016

The ARCHITECT@WORK concept has been around for many years and never misses out on new opportunities. As more and more exhibitors have been asking for an overseas version of ARCHITECT@WORK, the organisation set out to find the best possible place. We are, therefore, proud to announce that we have found the ideal location in Toronto, Canada.

ARCHITECT@WORK Toronto is scheduled for May 17 & 18, 2017 in the Enercare Centre. The event will be open from 11 am until 7 pm on both days. Canada, thus, becomes our 14th country for ARCHITECT@WORK, creating a grand total of 22 editions!

We will be working closely with ARCHELLO on this event and they will be our interface in Canada for marketing the concept.

Would you like to be a part of this exciting, new experience? Then do not hesitate to contact us for more information (floorplan, application form, pricing,…) at

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ARCHITECT@WORK launches a brand new edition in Barcelona!

11 April 2016

Spain has been on our radar for quite some time now and a lot of exhibitors have been asking for a Spanish version of ARCHITECT@WORK over these last couple of years. This, combined with the fact that the economy is headed in the right direction again is, is more than proof the market is ready for the very first Spanish edition of our exclusive exhibition concept.

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ARCHITECT@WORK Copenhagen is centered around “Wood and Architecture”

1 March 2016

The 11 international editions of ARCHITECT@WORK organized in 2015 were a huge success. We are already looking forward to what 2016 will bring. It will definitely be an important year, with the second Danish edition in Copenhagen as well as the expansion of the number of organizations with new fairs in Rome and Istanbul.

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ARCHITECT@WORK Luxembourg is centred around architecture and water

5 February 2016

The 11 international editions of ARCHITECT@WORK organised in 2015 were a huge success. We are already looking forward to what 2016 will bring. It will definitely be an important year, with both the editions of Luxemburg and Rotterdam as well as the expansion of the number of organisations with new fairs in Rome and Istanbul.

Although the second edition in Luxemburg is still a couple of months away (13-14 April), we can already give you a glimpse of what is to come. Several important decisions have already been made, including the choice of the central theme: ‘Architecture and Water’.

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ARCHITECT@WORK will be held for the first time in Turkey on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of November 2016 at the Istanbul Expo Center in Istanbul.

13 January 2016

Following the outstanding success of ARCHITECT@WORK in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark, this unique event comes to Turkey.

As an event/exhibition, ARCHITECT@WORK is completely different from any other event in construction because of its exclusive character and its strong focus on innovation. The success of this tailor-made event for the (interior) architect is due to a number of important factors.

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Fourth edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Zürich

11 January 2016

We have the pleasure announce you the fourth edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Zürich. The resounding successes of the previous events have prompted us to organize Swiss edition of ARCHITECT@WORK again in Hall 3 + 4 of Messe Zürich, on 10 & 11 May 2017.

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35% more visitors than last year result in a stunning success for the second edition in Milan

7 December 2015

The second edition of ARCHITECT@WORK in Milan, which was held at MiCo on 25 and 26 November 2015, drew in a total of 2.960 visitors. A magnificent result which represents a 35% growth compared to last year’s edition. Over 140 manufacturers and exclusive distributors showcased their innovations to a very select audience of architects and interior designers.

ARCHITECT@WORK will be back in Milan on 23 – 24 November 2016 at MiCo – Milano Congressi.

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Europe's leading trade salon for architects sets up in Munich for the first time at the request of the exhibitors

9 October 2015

ARCHITECT@WORK - The internationally successful salon concept that is exclusively aimed at architects, interior designers, architectural engineering agencies and other specifiers is set to stage its inaugural exhibition on 7/8 October 2015 in the Zenith Halle in Munich.

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ARCHITECT@WORK Vienna is almost ready to welcome you!

15 September 2015

Our team is currently working hard to get everything ready for tomorrow. That is when the very first Austrian edition will open its doors in the Wiener Stadthalle and you will be able to check out over 300 innovations presented by various manufacturers and distributors.

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Premiere for ARCHITECT@WORK in Vienna!

13 July 2015

On demand of both exhibitors and visitors this brand new edition will open it’s doors in fall 2015.

Specifiers in Austria will finally be able to attend this exclusive, all-in event, with a strong focus on innovation, as well.

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Great start of a new story

9 June 2015

With 1.343 professional visitors and 96 exhibitors, the premiere of ARCHITECT@WORK Copenhagen on the 3rd and the 4th of June was a great start of a new ARCHITECT@WORK-story!

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Countdown towards the 1st edition of ARCHITECT@WORK DENMARK !

3 June 2015

3 June 2015

Let the games begin! The A@W team is ready for the first ever Danish ARCHITECT@WORK.


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Countdown towards ARCHITECT@WORK Liège, edition Kortrijk a smashing hit

18 May 2015

Another ten days to go and you have an appointment with
ARCHITECT@WORK Liège, taking place on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 May in Liège Expo. Missed the edition in Kortrijk end of April? Then this is the ideal chance to catch up and be inspired, as  ARCHITECT@WORK Kortrijk fulfilled all expectations and offered the prescribers, who were present in great numbers, nothing but innovative products, materials, applications and services. 

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A brand new website for ARCHITECT@WORK!

13 April 2015

The biggest and most established edition of ARCHITECT@WORK is due to be held at Kortrijk Xpo within a couple of weeks...

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