ARCHITECT@WORK presents one of the best material exhibits: 'How It’s Made’

18 March 2019

How It's Made (HIM), considered one of the best material exhibits in Canada, will reveal the materials, products and technological innovations behind today’s most imaginative architecture projects in a unique and tangible way.


This unique materials exhibit draws from Archello’s online How It’s Made series, which features multiple stories around a project coming from the architect to the manufacturer.

At the How It’s Made exhibit, you can experience these stories in real life. Alongside a reference project, a sample of each feature material or product used is shown, allowing you to touch, feel and see how it can be directly applied and realized in a built project.


How It's Made is open to all registered attendees of ARCHITECT@WORK from April 3rd to 4th.

The exhibit is curated by the Archello team with special assistance from material consultant Jim Salazar. Photo credit: Gorini Photography

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