Countdown towards ARCHITECT@WORK Liège, edition Kortrijk a smashing hit

18 May 2015

Another ten days to go and you have an appointment with
ARCHITECT@WORK Liège, taking place on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 May in Liège Expo. Missed the edition in Kortrijk end of April? Then this is the ideal chance to catch up and be inspired, as  ARCHITECT@WORK Kortrijk fulfilled all expectations and offered the prescribers, who were present in great numbers, nothing but innovative products, materials, applications and services. 

As in Kortrijk, the edition in Liège will be organised under the central motto ‘Architecture and Water’, together with a number of additional events. In Liège as well, the offer had to meet the strict selection criteria of a specialised jury. The concept fair is moreover organised in the same, be fitting booth concept, developed by Creative Fo(u)r.
“Offering innovation in identical booths, in which the prescriber can strongly targeted and optimally efficiently find what he is looking for. As in Kortrijk, this will be the story of ARCHITECT@WORK Liège”, says exhibition manager Nathalie Sandra. “The Kortrijk edition, which was held on 23 and 24 April, can only make us expect the best. Afterwards, we saw nothing but smiling and satisfied faces, both with the exhibitors and the visitors.”

Side programme and seminars
In Liège, the side programme is more or less identical to the one in Kortrijk. Here as well, one will see the architectural photography collective DAPh, the materials exhibition by Materia and the photo exhibition Re•architecture by le Pavillon de l’Arsenal de la Métropole parisienne. New is the presentation of the work 'Arbre à parapluies' by PACO. All of this is organised in conjunction with an attractive seminars programme, which also deviates from the one in Kortrijk.
In Liège, these seminars are organised together with the UWA. On 28 May, at 2 pm, French architect and engineer Rudy Ricciotti holds a seminar under the name ‘Sans titre’. In ‘Sans titre’, he explains how he unites creativity and construction in his architectural works. On 29 May, at 4 pm, there is ‘Float’ by Koen Olthuis of the Dutch Waterstudio.NL. Olthuis is a worldwide authority in building on water and presents the City Apps concept, developed by Waterstudio.NL.

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